On the Issue of Mindfulness…


“Therapists need to consider the possibility of life after death, and integrate it into their counseling.”

I introduced this quote last week, stated by the author Brian Weiss, MD. We can continue with this topic, and I will add, as being part of life’s purpose, is the acquisition of mindfulness. Now there’s a challenge beyond many challenges for me! And so I talk with clients about starting with the breath, and just noticing it from time to time. For me, if I am racing around doing mindless tasks (which have to be done!), I stop myself, slow down, slow my breathing, and focus more on what I am doing. It helps save time in the long run, as I do not loose my keys, or ask someone to repeat what they have said….even my memory improves!

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interesting… what is the connection between our beliefs about the afterlife and the practise of mindfulness?

    • Our mind is constantly running stories, beliefs, and messages , whether we are aware of them or not. It’s the ones that we are not aware of that can lead us into mindless activity, defenses, and behavior we don’t want. As we continue to be aware of our environment, as well as ourselves, we avoid falling into that black hole that leaves us in despair, anger, and depression. We are then left with looking at the bigger picture. “..what’s this all about, and what is my role on this planet?” I believe that no matter what occupation we have, our “job” is to learn as much as we can about ourselves and others, to prepare us for our next level of consciousness (in this life or the next), which can be without pain/suffering, and with much more joy and peace! Our souls are eternal, after all!

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