I Had a Dream (last night)


Or was it the night before?…oh, well…no matter.  The point is, dreams, for me, and for many of my clients and friends, give incredible insight, if we take the time to notice.  Could this one be under my “mindfulness” blog?…or…well, it could fit under any of the other titles, because what I have learned is that the dream world at night can be just as powerful a lesson as any daytime experience. We get messages, somehow, whether from ourselves or the spirit world.

Let me give you an example.

I am in the process of moving the locale of my private practice (of nine years this Nov), to an office in the city of Ithaca, where I will share with a colleague, since I am choosing to work part time.  Although it is an exciting move, and I know it is the right thing to do, transition is very difficult, and I have been grieving the many losses that accompany this move (and yes, my body has been protesting with unique aches and pains…).

So, I had a dream that I was riding in a car with my father (who died in March of 1999- this month!).  I believe the car was his, as he was driving, and wanted to show me something.  I was content that we were sharing this time together, and awed at the view looming ahead.  We came to a cliff, nose first, and he stopped the car, gesturing toward the view.  Although I was fearful at being so close to the cliff, I let go of that fear, and followed his gaze.  The message that came with this, as I was writing about it, is that ” the discomfort of fear and insecurity can co-exist with beauty and peace”.  I know I am living this message today… if I would just pay attention!

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dreams are such an amazing resource! I often get profound symbolic information from the stories that play out in the night.

I also think our dreams give clues to how our minds work, individually. For instance, I always dream of elaborate detailed architectural spaces and cities I’ve never been to!

    • Yes, definitely!….our dreams not only give clues, Patrise, but they let us know what’s important to us, in case we missed it during our waking hours. It just takes time to allow for the messages to get through to our conscious mind. Sometimes we can do it on our own, but often it helps to talk it out with a person that you can trust.

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