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Clare Nicholetti, LCSW

I am a licensed mental health provider in the state of New York. In meeting with other professionals locally, I am known for promoting an integrative approach in therapy. Every six months or so, I would have local colleagues inquire about what it is like to start a private practice, or are simply wanting some ideas to “freshen up” their business, inquiring how I do what I do. Occasionally, I have joined a group of my peers to discuss complex or challenging clients. I enjoy these discussions, and they keep my practice alive.

Having both a masters in Special Education and in Social Work, I offer over thirty years of experience in counseling, starting with my background as a teaching nun, and then as spiritual director (also working at the runaway shelter) at Covenant House, Under 21 in New York City.  My current steps on my spiritual journey do not include  religious affiliation;  still, I recognize the rich blend of such experiences, and am sensitive to the common need to discuss one’s life purpose. I find having a framework that gives meaning to the role I have on this planet allows me to be open to sharing that with others.  This is also important diagnostically, as the client unfolds his/her perception of how his/her life is going.

Throughout my career, I have explored the many facets that influence a client’s well being…both the inner and outer resources.  As a result, I may be contacting other providers that have an impact on the client’s treatment, making sure that we are all working with the same information, as we focus on the client’s health and well being.

In accessing the inner resources, I use my background and training in mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), hypnosis, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and dreams that clients remember from their sleep state. What I use depends on what the client presents, as well as what I have assessed.

Populations that have benefited by these approaches, are clients who have various degrees of dissociation, including the classic DID individual, those who have PTSD, those who have gender issues, sexual orientation issues, anxiety and panic, and the vast array of diagnoses under the umbrella of depression. Clients who present with a behavior problem that can be an addiction issue, have also responded well to a structure I have presented in treatment.

I am currently a member of the National Association of Social Workers.  I have affiliation with members of the International Association for EMDR, and in the past, have been a member. We routinely meet in peer supervision as locally scheduled. I am a member of the National Hypnodyme Foundation, and have attended several trainings from the Tompkins County Alcoholism Counsel. I am currently listed in the directory of Therapists in Private Practice at the Mental Health Association of Tompkins County, and practice in Ithaca, New York.

“Prayer invites the universal world to express itself.”
Larry Dossey, MD

Contact me:
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