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When I work with you we will explore the challenges that face your particular situation, including:

Marketing yourself:

This can sometimes be intimidating.  After discussing your target population, your environment/office space, your support network, and insurance issues, our goal of your feeling more confident will begin to take place.

  • your population
  • your environment/ office space
  • your support network
  • your experience with insurance companies

Your own health

  • physical
  • mental
  • emotional
  • spiritual

Due to our nature as caregivers, we can often find ourselves so distracted by our work, that we unknowingly (or in my case,in the past, knowingly) begin to neglect our own well being.  Often, with me (and others who can attest), my body aches and illness are a good barometer.  So, I will take time to review with you, your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Talk with me about complex clients

  • the use and problems with DSM IV
  • helpful resources
  • the broader picture

We will address the use and the problems with the diagnostic manual, helpful resources, and getting “the broader picture(one’s spiritual path or journey)”, for ourselves, as well as for our clients. This is one of my favorite topics, the broader view, because we know it is not about proselytizing, which we have been specifically trained not to do, but exploring with the client the meaning of life…starting, as we have done with many issues, the client’s upbringing and influences.

(see About Clare for populations I have served)

Contact me:
cell phone: 607-272-8572
(1st five minutes free of charge)
(please indicate in the subject line that you are replying to my website  information)
Please make checks out to:
Clare Nicholetti
and send to:
415 N Tioga St. Suite 204
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