Voices of Colleagues

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Here are the comments of a few of my colleagues in their own words:

“After practicing for 14 years and beginning to consider what my retirement would look like, I considered starting part-time in private practice.
Since I worked in a clinic, where all details are done for me, like billing, etc, I didn’t know where to start.  Clare Nicholetti provided the help and clarification needed to get me started.  Her insight and experiences paved the way for a smooth transition into private practice both with practical details and clinical expertise.”

Lucia Sciore, LCSW

“Starting a private practice evoked many concerns for me, ranging from the challenges of leaving a job with a steady income, to the dread of dealing with insurance companies, to the question of “am I good enough.”  Clare’s respectful support, generosity in sharing her own concerns, and skillful EMDR around my fears, helped me normalize my concerns, identify some blocking thoughts, and touch the wisdom and care that I am now honored to share with my own clients.”

Paula Jacobs, LCSW

“Meeting with Clare to talk about starting a private practice was very helpful for me.  I greatly appreciated her willingness to share the experiences, values, and resources that have shaped her work as a therapist.  Discussing my vision of future possibilities with her enabled me to take the next step.”

Debbie Allen, LMSW

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