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This website addresses colleagues, but is also for anyone looking for  a therapist.  Shopping for a therapist needs as much care as shopping for anything you value.  There has to be a good “fit”, in order for you to get lasting results.   I invite you to browse through the website to know something of my background and a few of my readings,  but also to search in the  Services area, for contact information.   

One of the questions that comes up, naturally, is cost.  Since I no longer work with insurance companies, I offer a sliding scale fee based on your income, and mutual agreement.  I will, however, offer you a statement that you can send to your insurance company, if they pay for mental health services. I strongly advise calling your insurance to see what your plan includes, before deciding on any provider.  We can discuss this more on the first interview, if need be.

My cancellation policy is like most offices.  If I am told a day in advance, there is no charge.  I do charge for last minute cancellations, or calling after the missed appointment…with some room for flexibility.

Please feel free to call me if your questions are not answered here.  I will not charge you for a few minutes on the phone.  If,  however, there comes a time within the course of therapy, where there is a need for a twenty to thirty minute conversation, I will charge a dollar a minute.  This will be arranged on the phone, as needed.  This has been especially helpful for those who are  in transition after moving, and have not found a therapist in their new location.

I hope this information has been helpful in your decision-making, and look forward to speaking with you soon!  I give my best wishes to you in your search.


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